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The Coolest Thing in Canada

Every once in a while a consumer good comes along which is so powerful that is more a movement than a product. For the youth this only happens a couple times a decade, Blackberry comes to mind. Other examples include the first plasma tvs, tickle me elmos or Nintendo Wiis. Then there are products that emerge onto the market and effectively work to shift the political landscape of the world. Most of us have never seen anything quite like Apple's iPhone. The product and the service it provides is desired by every consumer in the world and because of that power Apple has the ability to bend others to its will.

People all over the country and around the globe are saving their hard earned dollars for what is effectively a hype machine. Products similar to the iPhone have been out around the world for years, but none has arrived with such amazing consumer anticipation. Motorola's RAZR and RIM's Blackberry are the only telecomm product I can think of that carried anything close to the same stature as the iPhone. One person I know who works for less than $10/hour at a large bookstore chain in the Vancouver area told me he is saving up two of his paychecks, that's a months hard work, to buy himself an iPhone.

The product is currently unavailable in Canada and some people are taking advantage of that fact by scamming people out of those masses of dollars. One such devious character runs, a website that promised iPhones but never delivered them even when paid in full. It turns out the site was run by a man who was previously convicted of using a similar scam when the Playstation 2 was first released. He moved from Ontario to Vancouver and changed his name but not his scam. He just changed his product to the new hype.

The power of the iPhone is shifting the political landscape of the international telecommunications industry. Never before has a handset manufacturer had the cloat to change the policies of national telecommunications giants around the world. Apple is doing it with the most sought after consumer product in Canada and the world.

I see people with iPhones from time to time and imagine a time when I won't have to pay through the nose to have one. Pay through the nose for both the product and service as we currently do in Canada. It is time for the Canadian telecomms giants to pull up their pants and be men for once. Consumers in this country desire a whole lot more than the big 3 cartel(Bell, Rogers & Telus) is willing to offer us. And more importantly we deserve better.


Please tell me what Consumer good really moved your world with a comment.

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