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The importance of social media to business looms large @ Massive Tech Show 2009 Pt. 1

- A sculpture near Robson Square in Vancouver from

On April 1st 2009 Vancouverites awoke to snow, slush or rain as temperatures dipped below freezing. At UBC Robson Square in the heart of downtown Vancouver directly below bustling Robson Street between the Art Gallery and The Law courts a world contrasting the weather was humming.

A hidden secret lay waiting underground covered with tarpaulins and a construction site. On that cold rainy Wednesday in April, Robson Square played host to a five year tradition; The Massive Technology Show. Massive, as it’s known, has been connecting business and technology since 2005. Lindsay Smith, Massive founder, was inspired after working as CEO and co-founder of, a web portal that markets high-tech companies to the masses. Her career in technology started in 2000 when she co-founded GeekRave Productions.

Inspired through her work with Techvibes Lindsay saw an opportunity and felt strongly that because technology is good for business; business needs to be more closely connected to technology. This year at The Massive Tech Show business and technology learned a lot about one another and will learn more as the Toronto show happens in May.

The connection between technology and business is becoming increasingly important for all businesses of all sizes, particularly small ones.

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