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4 Reasons why Twitter > Facebook

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  1. THE STREAM: The Twitter stream is open to all. All tweets are part of the public domain and stream of consciousness, there is not a lot of privacy on Twitter (people with protected updates choose to tweet only with friends or just don't get Twitter).

  2. DISTANCE: The lack of privacy on Twitter is balanced by user control of 'distance' and by distance I don't mean how far apart we are. I mean how far users can place your personal information from your profile. Twitter allows for anonymity for users who desire it. For some, Facebook tells the world too much about us. Google: Fired Facebook Photos.

  3. OPEN SOURCE: The stream allows the community to grow through the needs and wants of its users free of system-based advertsing which can cloud the social media brand of a website. SEE: Facebook. The open source community will hopefully continue to evolve free of tradtitional advertising.

  4. APP & INTEGRATION: This leads to the Twitter apps can be run in many different ways and they don't have to exist within the confines of Twitter (unlike 'closed' Facebook).

    Apps like TweetDeck from Adobe allow users to view both Twitter and Facebook Status Updates at the same time without even opening a web browser. This format damages Facebook's revenue model but leaves Twitter in good shape, without a revenue model, yet. Read a hilarious fake news story about Twitter's 'NEW' revenue model.
Ultimately, Facebook relies on people coming to the Facebook site to view friends profiles, see updates and maybe less than 1% of the time to click an ad. If people continue to use outside programs which integrates all social media into one stream of updates like meebo's new iPhone app, and TweetDeck Facebook's revenue model will start to lose traction. This is one possible way Facebook could lose it's crown. For now Facebook is king of the castle and myspace like geocities before it is fading form the mainstream.

ADDITIONAL READING: "The War of the Social Networking Giants" BY: Sandra Charan

...the next step of social media is full mobile/smartphone integration of personalized streams of information. The winner of the race will be the simplest, user-friendly mobile integration not necessarily the first.

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