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11 Reasons the iPhone 3G S is the best product. The Mobile Revolution is here

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1. It's a Computer: This is where everything changes and yeah sure they are arguements to be made about other smartphones as computers but nothing does it quite like the Apple iPhone. This device is like an Apple computer. It is fast, easy-to-use and above all user driven. The speed and abilities of the device combined with the reputation of Apple service and product reliability deliver a mobile computing experience that even 10 years ago would have made heads spin.

2. It's a Tablet: tablet PCs were supposed to take the world by storm when they first crept onto the market about 10 years ago. Unfortunately they never fulfilled their promise of usability, battery life and portability. The iPhone is what those tablet makers intended to make but really couldn't wrap their heads around.

3. Rapid charging and good battery life: the speed at which the device recharges is awesome. I am using a 3G S but the older devices also have superior charging speeds and long battery life. Sure if you are playing game like and listening to music while connected to a Wi-Fi network downloading a feature length movie the battery may suffer, but when used for normal phone operations the battery lasts a long time compared to previous devices with similar capabilities.

4. Usability: by doing away with conventional interfaces and using a full touch screen Apple creates an intuitive and natural experience for users and an open and versatile environment for programmers. It takes a little time to get used to but improves the experience in all applications and makes takes mobile gaming to a new level.

5. Apps: Allowing others to create programs for the system opens the progression of the device to programs. But more importantly to users. As voting consumers, paying for and supporting software, users will proliferate democratically selected apps creating a truly user defined environment.

6. iTunes: Napster evolved and Apple knew what needed to be done. Now music is on demand and Lars Ulrick and James Hatfield can relax, get paid and get back to making music as vain as they are. iTunes makes it easy, quick and convenient like never before to acquire media. The record industry has Apple iTunes and iPod to thank for saving their bacon.

7. Connectivity: With high speed 3G network access, processor speed increases, constant Wi-Fi and large low cost data plans the iPhone completes these features and makes using the internet, email and most online sites on the go easy and intuitive. The extent of how this can be used is growing and will continue to in the future.

8. Twitter: This is the game changer and could most likely be applied to your favourite app depending on whether or not a creation has been made. Using TweetDeck (A twitter app) makes the whole twitter experience fluid, quick, easy and informative. It is a whole new Twitter and I really liked it before. Now I may have a problem ;)

9. Free Apps: Although I mentioned apps before it is extra special to receive so many great apps for free whether you are using a iTouch or an iPhone this device changes everything.

10. Affordable Computing Power: I recently spoke with Kris Krug (@kk) about this and his great insight was that now a whole new segement of the global population can afford to own a computer (iPhone or iPod touch). He believes that this is the most important aspect of the product globally and I couldn't agree with him more.

11. Photography: The iPhone 3GS with it's 3.2 MP camera brings the device nearly all the way to where it needs to be, 5MP would have been better. The apps to edit photography are incredible. One only needs to look at my flickr page to see what is possible. It the possibilities only grow from there.

The iPhone has its limitations. It cannot run multiple apps, but I think this may improve the overall experience by keeping programs running well. Programmers of the OS could also change this in the future. The keyboard takes some getting used to. Editing text with big figers while trying to avoid buttons on the top or bottom bands that send you back and erase your project can be tiring. I wonder what I need to press to move the cursor back a single space or do I just have to use my finger?

Please let me know what you think about the iPhone, like about it or hate about it by commenting below

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