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The Ad that changed the rules + The NYT API

Laurel Wentz ( 09.02.09 -- An obscure ad that ran once in a small Sao Paulo newspaper months ago has come back to haunt DDB Brasil and its conservation client, the WWF in Brazil, in the latest example of the internet exposing a local ad to global condemnation. Read more on AdAge 
NEW YORK ( 09.03.09 -- After initially lying about it, DDB Brasil now admits it created a video version of the Brazilian print ad "Tsunami," which has caused a scandal this week -- and entered both ads in the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in June. Read More on AdAge
NEW YORK ( 09.04.09 -- In a bold, unprecedented move to stem the problem of scam ads in advertising awards shows, the One Club, an American non-profit that recognizes and promotes excellence in advertising, is implementing strict new rules that ban agencies -- and individual members of creative teams -- found guilty of making fake ads for a period of five years. Read More on AdAge

The New York Times API Experiment:
Last year the New York Times quietly released their API (Application Programming Interface) to the developer world and this is a video about some of the cool things that those independent programmers created. New communication and aggregation through API:

BONUS: Internet Art meet its Musical Maker -

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