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How does technology create digital culture?

I was looking through Google Analytics and found that people were landing on my main blog after searching for "how does technology create digital culture". In honor of that fact and to take on the challenge of answering that question here goes nothing...

Technology creates digital culture by allowing people to interact with new people at a comfortable and controllable distance (see twitter).  Culture is created by people's desire to interact with new people. Technology makes that more easy in our day to day lives. The key to making the most of technology and digital culture is to build your bridge to the real world. This bridge will enable your online efforts to truly benefit your offline life, mostly by connecting you with like-minded individuals. This is one way in which technology creates digital culture. Let's start a dialogue around what else technology does to create digital culture. Second Life may be the best example of technology creating digital culture. Digital culture is an extension of our offline culture digitized.

The day after I checked Google Analytics a new keyword chain had brought visitors to my blog. This time related to the first question: "define how technology creates a digital culture". Hmmmm, so here is another more specific request around the same question. Technology creates digital culture by providing dynamic publishing opportunities and 24/7/365 broadcast channels. This 'digital culture' is a human extension of our original relationship with tools. Think of the first time a stick or rock was used by a human as a tool to fulfill another purpose. The internet, social media and computers are extensions of our humanity and by that very definition create digital culture by enabling digital culture.

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