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How social media provides access to traditional media

No matter how fast we are going, writing matters more than ever. And editing matters more than writing. 
-Kirk Lapointe, Managing Editor, Vancouver Sun.
Last week I attended a "Real Estate Technology Meetup" in Vancouver hosted by Stephen Jagger and Ubertor. Normally this event is more focused on Real Estate but this time the event went in another direction, which greatly pleased me and brought me out to Ceili's in downtown Vancouver on a rainy Monday night. Despite a leaky roof,which can be seen as rain drops on Stephen's head in the video below, the room was packed and the information was valuable and relevant.
The new personal journalism [for every individual] is search.
-Kirk Lapointe.
The guest speakers were Kirk Lapointe and Gillian Shaw, Technology Writer for the Sun. Their insights into how the media landscape is changing AND how to use it to your advantage were essential for those working in marketing, PR and communications. Kirk opened speaking about how the age of long term job security is on it's way out. The new world for most of the people in the room is now about contracts, projects, personal brand, individual jobs and entrepreneurship. This theme is something that everyone looking for a job or career these days should be paying attention to.
If you are hosting an event consider the meaning and context. They are the key to ensuring sustainability and meaning to your audience. The meaning is what you have to sell now.
-Kirk Lapointe.
Gillian followed up Kirk's talk with great advice about the importance and value of new communities and networking. It's about meeting people 'where they are'. Consider where your audience is and move from there. For the media Twitter is another, more efficient way of email and phone conversations. These days with so much information flying around less is often more effective in communication.
Follow the reporters on Twitter to know what they are writing about and get in there. Timeliness is everything as stories often go from the working stage to print quickly. -Gillian Shaw
You can watch the entire discussion below thanks to Ubertor. The questions at the end are very good.

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