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I love reading comments and these days there is no end to the ridiculous comments people make on online forums. These thoughts do not reflect my personal opinions, but did make me laugh. I found this hilarious list of "Rules for posting to CBC Forums" on a CBC forum:

1. Be partisan - ignore what is actually going on and base all comments on who's doing it. Anything Tories or cops do is automatically Bad; if Harper gives $10B for renewable energy, it's obviously part of his secret agenda to make Canada a theocracy.

2a. Everything is a plot. Every news event has been orchestrated to divert attention from something else. Ignore the fact that none of these ‘diversions’ ever work.

2b. The govt can suborn every civil servant, judge, cop and reporter to their ends. Every day. Twice on Sunday.

3. Forum posters have more education, expertise and knowledge than a 747 full of Nobel Laureates. No matter what the topic, experts are *always* wrong. (And generally working for The New World Order.)

4a. Facts are passé. Being able to produce real evidence is far less important than impassioned rhetoric and flaming accusations.

4b. If you simply must produce evidence, quotes from sites that themselves give no proof are ideal. They avoid being labeled as a ‘tool of the MSM’. Or something.

5. Personal attacks show your intelligence. Terms like ‘Harpo’, ‘sheeple’ and ‘Lieberals’ are clever, not stale or juvenile. Accusing Ignatieff of stupidity is fair and contributes a lot to the forum.

6. CBC is biased against both left and the right at the same time.

7. Everybody knows that there are hundreds of govt spies skewing voting results. Complain a lot about that.

8. All evil stems from Harper, USA, Israel and Business. All of it, including hangnails. Proof is unnecessary.

9. Spelling and grammar are stuffy affections. Semi-literate rants are far better, especially if ALL IN CAPITALS and with multiple exclamation marks!!!!

10. Logic is for sissies.

11. If somebody disagrees with you, they're clearly rednecks

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