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What is Crowdsourcing? A Cloudsourced Post

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Crowdsourcing... the act of taking a task traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people or community in the form of an open call.

The term has become popular with business authors and journalists as shorthand for the trend of leveraging the mass collaboration enabled by Web 2.0 technologies to achieve business goals. However, both the term and its underlying business models have attracted controversy and criticism.


Video Explaining Crowdsourcing:

quick and simple explaination. It has subtitles so if you have no sound you can still watch and is safe for work

4 Ways to better manage in a 'Crowd':
  1. Crowds should operate within constraints. To harness the collective intelligence of crowds, there need to be rules in place to maintain order.
  2. Not everything can be democratic. Sometimes a decision needs to be made, and having a core team (or single person) make the ultimate decision can provide the guidance necessary to get things done and prevent crazy ideas and groupthink from wreaking havoc on your product.
  3. Crowds must retain their individuality. Encourage your group to disagree, and try not to let any members of the group disproportionately influence the rest.
  4. Crowds are better at vetting content than creating it. It is important to note that in most of the above projects, the group merely votes on the final product; they do not actually create it (even at Cambrian House, where the group collaborates to create the product, individuals are still creating each piece on their own and the group votes on whose implementation of an idea is best).
-Josh Catone,

Crowdsourcing lessons from Africa with Txteagle creator Nathan Eagle:

It's a little long but, 21 minutes into the video he gets into mobile crowdsourcing in Africa. Crowdsourcing is cutting-edge and feasible in this region were a lot of people are unemployed.

Some crowdsourcing examples mentioned in the video are:
  • citizen journalism
  • translating of languages across Africa
  • dictionary building
  • marketing & sales
-Ignatia Webs: eLearning techtales with social media in low resource and mobile settings, "mobile projects and crowdsourcing in developing countries"

A Tweeter's Perspective:

"I enjoy the crowdsourcing and serendipity the best on Twitter."

This post was created entirely from content discovered through the interwebs(cloudsourcing). All sources are as quoted.

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