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Crowd Sourced Olympic Montage Videos UPDATED

I have been troubled about what to write about the Olympics while basking in the short afterglow. I have a few things planned for next week in terms of intellectual discussion and the Olympic movement in general but this week I thought I would leave it to the people who created loved and enjoyed the Olympics to it's fullest. Under each video is a short description of and link to the creator.

Stephen Brunt of the Globe and Mail created this tear jerker of a photo essay of the games.

John Biehler a local citizen journalist and all-round awesome guy made this.

This video was created by AHA MEDIA's Richard Czaban. AHA MEDIA is about exploring mobile media production through New Media cameras. For a better quality version of this video, contact April Smith on Twitter or Facebook.

A tribute to the Canadian Gold Medal hockey team! Lyrics by Ray Blackmore & Produced by Kevin Lambert

This video was taken from inside Yaletown LiveCity as Canada wins Ice Hockey Gold. Wow.

This video was posted on Vancity Buzz and is a static video shot of downtown with audio as Canada wins Gold in Men's Ice Hockey. The sound you are hearing in this video is mostly from the LiveCity Yaletown venue in the lower middle of the shot. Check out the video above to experience the noise from inside the venue.

This is the promo video made pre-games but still inspires.