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Computers and the internet have expanded the ability of individuals to not only create more but also to gain exposure for their creations. Artists both musical, visual and all are now able to show the world their work but the question begins to arise...

Who owns the rights to things put onto the internet? Many of us have been watching endless videos on youtube and other online video sites. I am wonder who owns the rights to those videos. What about when someone takes a video in a public street and posts it on the internet? Do they have the right to put other people's images on the web?

Where do the privacy rights of the public begin and end? The internet has grayed the lines between the individual's freedom and individual freedoms of privacy. This is the newest and most difficult area for the internet to establish some rules in. The wild west of privacy rights is the net...

Who will police it? Will anyone? Who will pay?

The future is uncertain but current trending has been leading to more social and less governmental or authoritarian power particularly on the internet.

This is a video from Vancouver Film School Student Art

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