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6s named in Shaw's Defamation Lawsuit

After writing a blog post in August highlighting the challenges of 6s Marketing and Novus' attempt to use social media to take on Shaw's $9.95/month pricing scheme the story has progressed. This update is necessary as Shaw is now suing BOTH Novus and 6s for defamation.

The full story of the defamation lawsuit is well told by Curt Cherewayko as originally published in Business In Vancouver (subscription only) and again on Techvibes where it is accessible to all.

Both the the Twitter account for 10buckstoo and the website ( are gone. Now only to be seen by lawyers, etc. The last remenant of the story is the Facebook Page now with 5 members left in it. The only statement on that page reads:

"As Shaw has ceased marketing this offer, this page is being closed down. Thanks for your support."

The only really remaining record of the story is blogs especially, precedent this lawsuit could set is huge for digital marketing. To see the story as it unfolded check out this post. Read all about it and decide for yourself what you think could or should happen. I would love to read your comments on these new developments. Will Shaw win this lawsuit? Will 6s' reputation be damaged in the long-term? What part did Novus play in creating the 10bucktoo campaign?

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  1. The "no comment" from 6S speaks volumes. You'd think they would go to bat for the client if they were that passionate about the "cause".

    Maybe Novus is leaving them out to dry since they have deeper pockets?