Marketing Director

Social Media and Education #bcv09

This is an original presenation by Kemp Edmonds.
It first appeared at Barcamp Vancouver 2009


  1. I missed this presentation due to sheer idiocy on my part.

    Very dissapointed- I heard it was very good.

    And now that I'm reviewing your "video/slides" I'm even more pissed. This looks fantastic.

    Give this presentation to the students of BCIT. And do it soon.

    I will BE THERE.

  2. This looks like a great presentation Kemp! :)

    I didn't know you're working for BCIT now. I guess that explains why you've been promoting it so much! LOL I thought it was just because you loved your program at BCIT.

  3. Looks amazing, Kempo. Proud of you. :)