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I recently had the pleasure of presenting (slidedeck above) at a one-day conference in Calgary called Social Media Marketing Unplugged. The organizer Jonathan Chow was an awesome organizer and the other speakers were people who I admire personally for the work they do in their areas of focus. It was my lucky day as having recently started working a dream job of sorts with HootSuite, THE social media dashboard, managing their learning program I was invited to fill in for my community wrangler Dave Olson.

It was a joy to present outside of Vancouver and in another Canadian city. It was very different from Vancouver where the use of social media is more prominent. Ask anyone who speaks regularly to audiences about social media and you will find out that the greatest challenge we deal with is the diverse knowledge base of our audiences. Some are 'going to try Twitter soon' while others are tracking website visitors' every move using Custom URL parameters and Google Analytics. If you didn't understand that last part don't worry few do, but it's the kind of technique that is basis for successful online communications. Sharing knowledge is an amazing part of digital culture in fact it lives at the core of our culture.

Kris Krug, Open Everything, Pecha Kucha.

Without sharing knowledge and allowing others to build on it we would not be where we are as a civilization. We would be stuck in the past. I've been inspired on my mission to share the knowledge by two individuals who started out as my heros and long ago became my mentors, my peers and my friends. Kris Krug and Dave Olson speak the gospel of openness.

In this era when multi-national corporations own the intellectual property created by individuals it is more important than ever to share our knowledge to allow our ideas and thoughts to be built upon by others to advance our collective work. Corporations are working against that goal with patents on plants and ownership of rivers that belong to the people of planet not the shareholders of corporations. I love business and it's been an incredibly powerful tool for bringing our world into the 21st century, but like the majority of entities made up of 100s or 1000s of people, self-preservation and control rain supreme while responsibility and accountability are diffused into near nothingness.

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