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Speaking: The greatest audience is the toughest crowd

I love speaking. To any audience. Whether they love what I am saying or don't get it I learn an amazing amount about myself and about other people everytime I have the opportunity to speak in front of more than a few people. When different groups ask me to speak I am quick to accept which often makes for challenging times; both in regards to the availability of time and the time to prep for your audience.
This summer I was lucky enough to speak to a variety of different groups. Two audiences really stuck out for me this Summer. One was possibly the toughest audience I've spoken to and the other may have been the audience I was most nervous to speak with.

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The first was a talk on a Sunday morning at the end of Nufloors Canada's Conference in Courtney on a Golf Course. Perfect setting smart event. I was treated to arguable the most authentic stand up routine in all of Canada. The audience was franchisees of NuFloors flooring stores across Canada.
When I went into speak at the Disability Resources Network BC Conference at the Planetarium I was more nervous because I didn't know what to expect. The group was a bit of mystery to me, but through a few quick questions and a broad, diverse engaging presentation, I was able to deliver a great session. Attendees were given a chance to share their successes and best practices I only wish I had more facilitation power to ensure that everyone got a number of takeaways tailored to the session and not my prep(the presentation).
This is being published late, but I am fired up to deliver Fall highlights in a post soon. Leave me your feedback or queries always up for a good thought.

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